Particle size analysis is a method used to check the distribution of particles in a certain medium. You can apply this method to different materials, as emulsions, solid materials and aerosols. If you check the market, you will notice that you can use multiple methods to measure the size of the particles from a certain sample. Actually, you can use the same method for different materials, but there are cases when certain applications require the use of a particular method. If you have to perform particle size analysis to your products, then it is advisable to become partner with a company that is specialized in this domain. You have the possibility to hire one of their teams to help you check the state of your products, or you can ask them collaborate with your employees and decide what particle size analysis methods they should use to obtain reliable results.

However, when it comes to choosing a partner for helping you with particle size analysis, you have to research the market, and see if there are companies in your region that offer this type of services. In case there are multiple ones, you will have to decide upon one. But the location of the company should not be the deciding factor, because you can send them samples, and they can send you reports on the analysis, even if they are not in the same town as your business is. The next step would be to check the list of services they offer because it is important to be specialized in Surface Area and Pore Size Analysis and other similar services, because your needs might change in time. When you research information about companies, you should get in touch with one of their experts, and ask them what methods they consider that are suitable to be used, to analyze your products. In this way, you will see if they are professionals, and if they have experience in the domain, you are working on. It is important they to have knowledge and to have worked before with companies that have products similar to yours, because you want to make sure that their reports are reliable.

The following step would be to ask them put you in contact with some of their clients, to ask them what their experience with the company was. If you collaborate with a firm as Escubed you will find from their website that they collaborate with companies from multiple industries, and they are willing to offer you contact details of their previous clients. When you have a few names you would lie to work with, you should ask them make you some offers on the services you want to hire them, because you are talking about a long-term partnership. You do not have to choose the company that has the cheapest services from the market, but you have to make sure that they offer competitive prices. These are the main steps you should follow if you want to find a reliable partner to help you with particle size analysis.